Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 Forex Markets Review

The year end of 2011 is coming. By the time of writing, the US market is nearly closed, I believe lots of traders and investors have already been on holiday or close their position early. They may spend sometime to summarized gain and loss in 2011. Overall, 2011 is not a quite year; there are many changes, big events in either the real world or the financial world. The forex market is very volatile as well. In another way, it is a good year for forex traders (at least for these traders who made money).

Let us look back at some major currency pairs (You can find more information on here); I will try to explain what was happened in these pairs this year.

This pair within this year has been lots of more lively due to the Euro zone crisis. The currency price is very close with the crisis; we can guess the trend of EUR for next day just by watching the crisis news today. The yearly trading range is more than 2000 points. In the first 5 months, the trend was going up and the trend was very clear to everyone. I believe some of the readers may simile because they have made some good profit. However, there were lots of uncertainties in the following 3 months (May to August), that’s why there are a lot of sideways price actions.

Within the recent 2 or 3 months, the downward trend is very clear to traders. It is getting close to the low that was posted at the start of the year. Basically, the price of EUR did not change within this year. I think it will still very hard to trade as we are still at the mercy of the European politicians. Hope all of them have a good holiday and generate some good regulations in 2012.

Let us have a look the EURUSD chart in 2011

For the GBPUSD chart, you can very easily to see the price is now pretty much back where it started back in January 2011. The highest price was happened in April and was around 1.6747. Then it has been trading sideways for the following of the year without a clear trend. Since the news of Euro Zone crisis came out in SEP and OCT, the GBP price became slightly lower, but it did not make a trend.

For the traders who trade this pair did not have a good year as the daily trading range was very small comparing with previous years. Let us have an indicator – Average True range (ATR). The highest value this year is about 150, but we can find 200 in previous years. The current value is about 110 points which is not very good.

The chart of GBPUSD in 2011
We can see the clear trend of this year from the chart below. This pair was actually very lively in the first six months, and then it seems to be forming a solid base from which to build within the second half year.

It is now looking as if it is finally going to break upwards out of this range, but it certainly hasn't been easy to trade in the meantime because the average daily trading range has been less than 70 points for large parts of the year (at the moment it's just 37 points), and there has been no real trend in recent months.

The chart of USDJPY in 2011

Australia economic overall was quite good because of its commodities and metals. The high demanding from developing countries in the first 4 months has pushed AUD to a record high around 1.1000. The entire world was surprised about Australian economic at the time. However, since the global economic became slower down and the outlook of economic in developing countries became unclear. The AUD has dropped back a little bit. In the second half year, the volatility of AUD has increased a lot.

Overall, the current AUD price is still higher than the beginner of the year. The chart is showing as following:
As I said at the beginning of this article, 2011 is a challenging year for many forex traders including myself. Most of traders prefer trading within a trading market; however, we can not see any real trends at the moment. I can hope the Euro Zone crisis will be resolved in the coming months, and all the major elections in 2012 will not give any big impacts to the financial world.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Forex three session New York session

The last session in the Forex Market - New York session has been added to the Education section. In this article, we briefly introduced the feature of New York session and what products we are better to trade. Also, we listed a few important reports during this period that the traders or investors need to pay attendtion on.

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Forex three sessions London session

London session is a very important part in the current forex trading market. City of London is the name of London financial center, well, the second financial center is called Canary Wharf in the east zone 2.

In this article, we introduced about London session and also talked about what products we should trade during this period.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Forex three session Tokyo session

As you know there are three important sessions in the forex maket, by following the sun, they are Tokyo session, London Session and New York Session. These three cities are the financial center in this region. In the first article, we will introduce Tokyo Session, read more here

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Forex trading hours

As you know foreign exchange can be traded 24 hours a day which is an advantage comparing with other financial products such as index, stocks. More information about when we should trade what currency pairs is available here

Monday, 19 December 2011

Forex spread

What is forex spread? This article has briefly talked about the foreign exchange spread. It is a very important knowledge to beiginners. the entire article is available here

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cross currency pairs and Exotic Currency pairs

In the previous article, we talked about the major currency pairs, which have the most of trading volume in the forex market. There are still some other types of currency pairs available to trader in the market. in this article, we will talk about cross currency and exotic currency...

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Major Currency Pairs in the Forex world

I just published an article to talk about Major Currency Pairs in the Forex world. It listed the top 12 major currency pairs by trading volume and popularity in the invetors and traders world.

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Monday, 5 December 2011

Contract For Difference - CFD

One of financial derivatives - Contract For Difference (or CFD) has been widely used in trading foreign exchange (or Forex) as well as other financial products, such as Indices, shares and commodities. CFD was invented in early 1990s in London for trading Equity Swaps. Then CFD was first introduced to retail traders in the late of 1990s. The first few companies were doing CFD are MF Global, IG Markets and CMC Markets.

An article about CFD for beigners has been added to here

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

How to become a Forex trader – part 2

Open an account, after deciding the forex broker; you need to open a live account with them. You may find there are a few different account types in your broker. Carefully reading the account description, you will understand the difference. The recommendation is begin with a mini or micro account.

Optimizing your trading strategy, you can test your trading strategy by using a demo account or download some historic data from the internet. As the market condition keeps charging, you need to update your strategy by following the market.

Day trading and long term trading, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will not go deeper on them today and lets about talk about it in another article. One of the factors for selecting day trading or long term trading is that you need to understand how much time you can spend on trading.

Risk Management, it is the same important as making profit. Lots of new traders found they can make a few small amount of money but lost all money in one trade. The main reason is they did not pay lots of attentions their risk management. Sometimes, if the price has touched your stop loss line, you have to close your position and do a further analysis on your strategy and market condition off line.

News, it is very important to you. A lot of movements are influenced by news. Find an free economic calendar and follow the news from the main media.
Study more; you need to improve your knowledge about forex markets and forex trading. Then you understand the relationship between price movement and volatility and concept of standard price deviation.

The last point, it is very easy to say but very difficult to achieve – keep your emotions under control :)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

How to become a Forex trader – part 1

Foreign exchange market is one of the largest markets in the world. There are lots of opportunities to make you to become a millionaire; it also can make you bankrupt. It’s all upon you to utilize the full potential of the market. As a successful forex trader, you do not only require the latest automated trading systems or robots, but patient learning and applying your knowledge into practice is very important as well. Besides, anyone can catch the profits in the market with some hard work and dedication.

As a forex trader, you need to have a clear trading strategy before any actions in the market. You need to plan in advance by determining your aims and purposes, and the risk and potential profit of every scenario. In addition, discipline is very essential as well, you need to ensure you can follow the strategy all the time and do not be controlled by your emotions.

Target setting, every successful trader starts with target setting. You need to determine how much you want like to invest, whether the trading is just a temporary hobby, whether you want to become a proper trader and how much risk you can take. I don’t know suggest you using borrowed money or invest all your money as most of people is losing money at the beginning. You may look for some courses to improve yourself if you want to be a full-time profession.

Selecting a forex broker, after the goal setting, you need to pay some attention on broker selecting. A suitable forex broker is crucial to the trading profitability. An unreliable broker will destroy the profit regardless how good you are on trading. At the first time when you see many forex brokers, you may already been confused by their website, salesman and special offers. Using some forex broker comparison website to help you on selecting the best suitable broker to you, such as, it has re-categorized all the complex broker information into a very easy and clear table. You can just compare and choose the broker by following your knowledge and trading strategy. At the same time, you also need to think about forex rebate as well. The forex rebate means that you can give a part of your spread or commission back from your forex broker. Our website is one of the websites who provides the forex cash back program. Have a read this if you would like to learn more.

Lets continue it tomorrow..

Friday, 2 December 2011

Where Find a Forex Broker

There are many forex brokers are having advertisement on the newspapers, especially, the finance relevant newspapers, such as Financial Times, City AM, Daily Evening. You can get the brokers name and then check the detailed information from their website.

There are also many forex brokers advertising themselves on a few financial magazines. You can have a search in your local supermarket, and then write down their name.

Google, Bing, Yahoo
Google, Bing and Yahoo are the most widely used online search engine, you can just enter FX broker, there will be hundreds result come out. Try changing a few words, you may find some better results, such as Foreign Exchange broker, Forex Broker Comparison and Best Forex broker

Broker Comparison Websites
You can easily find a few Forex Broker comparison websites from search engine like  From these websites, you may be able to find the following information: product spread, company basic information and trading account type. Some comparison website may provide better and detailed information to cover all your questions. You also can open an account through these broker comparison websites.

Transport Advertisement
There is lots of advertisement on the public area, such as on tube, bus stop, and tube station. Just pay a little attention, you can easily find them when you are on the way home.

Forex Forums
Visit some forex forums and get some input from people that are already trading. There is a wealth of experience hiding in forex trading forums. This is one place that you can research both bad and good experiences with different forex brokers.

Forex Broker Reviews
Look around for forex broker reviews, you can find forex broker reviews here on, or on forex forums etc. Make sure to read reviews from multiple sources.

Social Websites
More and more social websites are currently getting popular, you may find lots of people have already had an account with some forex brokers and you can find their reviews and ask them questions regarding the broker. Most of people are very friendly to provide answers. The most widely used social network website is, and

You may find some of your friends have already been a FX trader, have a word with them, you will find very valuable information.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The first blog - Ourselves

Hello everyone, this is the first blog on my website -

We have lots of experience want to share with you. However, we cannot write everything in once. Let us talk about this website first. Some visitors may already view the entire website and have already had some ideas about what this website does, some may not. We have a small team who has been in this industry for years. Each team member has their own special technique and knowledge. 

What information the website is designed to provide? This website has collected many online forex brokers information from their websites and this information has been re-categorized in order to provide a better view to our customers. It will save lots of customer’s time to find this information from broker’s website. Customer can also use the functionalities on Find Your FX to compare the information in many categories between each Forex brokers.

Another important feature is that we do Forex Rebates (in another way is Forex cash back) to all customers who have registered with a Forex company through us. The amount of cash back will be depending on the volume of your trading.

We also provide some education content to improve your Forex knowledge as well as Forex broker knowledge. The review of online Forex trading platform will be added into this website soon.

Please let me a message if you would like see anything else which I did not covered.